Module Leader

Sabrina Lanni (Milan University)

On 1th May 2018, Associate Professor in Private Comparative Law at the Department  of International, Legal, Historical and Politcal Studies (DILHPS) of the Milan University.

Associate Professor in Private Comparative Law at the Department of Legal, Historical, Economic and Social Sciences of the “Magna Graecia” (University of Catanzaro) where I taught since 2005 to 2018. I was researcher in Latin-American private law at the Italian Research Council (2001-2015) where I worked with Prof. Sandro Schipani.

My academic training: Bachelor’s degree at University of Molise (1995); Master’s degree in Integration and Unification of Law in Europe and in Latin America (1997) and PhD in Roman Law System and Unification of Law in Europe and in Latin America (2001), both at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’; Specialization Degree in Civil Law at the University of Camerino (1997, 2002, 2003).

I have been several time visiting research fellow at: Max Plank Institut für auslandisches und internationales Privatrecht of Hamburg; Institut Suisse de Droit Comparé of Losanne; Universidade de São Paulo and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Universidad de Buenos Aires; Institute of European and Comparative Law of the University of Oxford. During these periods I met several foreign colleagues with whom I began an enduring and fruitful scientific collaboration.

My main areas of research are: Studies of law systemology; Relations between National law and Legal systems; Roman law foundations; Harmonization and Unification of private law; General principles of EU law and Latin American law; Codifications and new codifications of civil law in Europe and Latin America; Consumer law; Law of obligations and contracts; Civil liability. My own research approach is to analyze legal institutions in the aforementioned fields, reconstructing the specific characters of the legal institutions in the European and Latin-American traditions, studying the interactions, the problems and the dialogue between them in the contemporary age.

I wrote various scientific papers and I am author of three books: “America Latina e tutela del consumatore: le prospettive del Mercosur tra problemi e tecniche di unificazione del diritto” (Giuffré, Milano, 2005); “L’inadempimento dell’obbligazione. La colpa del debitore: la prospettiva del codice civile argentino nel sistema giuridico latinoamericano” (ESI, Napoli, 2012); “ Il diritto nell’America Latina” (ESI, Napoli, 2017).

I am Director of the Club ‘America Latina’ for the “Società Italiana per la Ricerca nel Diritto Comparato”, founded by prof. Rodolfo Sacco (from 2011) and Editor of the Law series ‘Roma e America. Sistema giuridico latinoamericano. Studi’ (ESI, Napoli).